May 2012: The Arrival

The 2012 hummingbird season was so different in so many ways. I didn’t have to many hummingbirds, maybe two or three in the same time. I was quite sad for a while, but the end of the summer brought me the best hummingbird gift.

The first hummingbird arrived earlier, on May 3rd. I have seen him late in the evening at my million bells hanging basket. What a delight!



He wasn’t too friendly, and for sure didn’t like me taking photos. With some luck I was able to get a few photos.


My boy became a regular at the feeders. It was a bit cold and rainy, and only a few flowers in bloom, and the feeders were at the most used.


Every morning I looked at the window hoping I will see him. In the sun, his beautiful gorget was shinning like a flame.

One day, another male showed up, I recognize him after the white spot in his wing. And the fight over the feeders begun. I place the feeders far away from each other,  so they can’t see each other and have a good nectar snack any time.


Spring time, hummingbird time, a wonderful show to watch.



2 responses to “May 2012: The Arrival

  1. Mihaela, poti sa scrii in romana bineinteles.

  2. Frumos, au culori diverse! O intrebare: e voie sa comentam in limba romana aici sau consideri ca ar fi o impolitete fata de alti prieteni ai tai, care poate nu cunosc limba?

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