Still here

I’ve learned that August is the best hummingbird activity in my garden. With some luck,  it starts end of July and they will be gone by  first week of October.

These are the three hummingbirds “living” in my garden. I can see them all times and I spent every spare minute watching them.  As always… so wonderful.

colibri set 2One of them is guarding the teritory from the tip of a canna bud, another one is taking care of the arbour area… not sure yet where is the third one 🙂

I can recognize them somehow.  Two females and one young male with only a few red feather on his gorget yet.

1sept colibri set

Still here… they made my summer!


4 responses to “Still here

  1. What area do you live in? I’m curious because I am a hummingbird lover, as well. Mine are usually gone the 1st week of September. This year they are hanging in there!

    gawdinfever (St. Louis, MO)

    • Hi! I am so glad to meet another hummingbird lover! I live in Ontario, Canada, zone 5, near Toronto and this is the fourth year watching hummingbirds. I am glad you still have the hummingbirds, they like your place :). Do you have nectar feeders?
      here, they arrive first week of May and they leave first week of October. I have now 2 hummingbirds, and they are new in my garden. They look new to me because they behave different than the ones from last month, which I believe they left this last Sunday. Well, this is the time to say good bye to them, and hopefully they’ll come back next spring. I wish you a lovely end of summer.

  2. Aren’t they soo fast? sometimes I don’t know what to do: enjoying the buzzing and flying or struggle with the camera for a good catch? And I am happy you found them at LH. I am so sorry I wasn’t able to visit LH this summer…but it’s not late yet.

  3. Great pictures! I was close to capture one at LH last week but it was too fast…glad to see them around anyways.

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