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How pretty am I???

Watching the hummingbirds is always amazing.  I spend lots of time waiting for the big -wonderful shot, and I always have my camera ready. But these little birds are so very fast, and my camera clicks a second late almost every time.  I didn’t get “THE” picture, but some of them are really funny.  Browsing through the summer’s photos brings me back to the sunny days.

They come back at the feeder almost every 15 minutes; some of them fly back very quickly, others are taking time for resting and guarding.  Perching at the feeder is not very often,  but they will fly somewhere close and watch the feeders from any intruders.







A good and healthy meal: catching small flying insects will provide the protein needed. Look at that tongue! good for sipping the nectar and fly-catching as well.

DSCN5405DSCN5283  DSCN5147 DSCN5142

Preening, scratching and stretching…


DSCN2727-tile DSCN2193-tile DSCN2143-tile   anigifa

A nap after a good meal? I don’t know if they really nap, but those eyes are closed for sure 🙂




My last thought: aren’t they so pretty??? The delicate body shape, those dark eyes with a small white spot in the corner of the eye.  And the shiny emerald like green… totally addictive.






Happy New Year!



It’s a boy!

The first hummingbird of the season finally arrived Saturday, May 8th, around noon time. The waiting was so long. By the end of April I wasn’t patient at all, looking on the window with the hope they are back.  That day,  I left the feeder on the table  just for a few minutes.  And here he is: waiting on top of the bottle, amazing beautifully.  The quality of the picture is not good, it was taken through the door screen, but this is one of the most important pictures of the season.This day was the beginning of joy, a summer of hummingbird watching and the appreciation of the beauty.